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[Idea] Plugin to take notes on pages

A browser plugin which allows Sales and Support team members to annotate their own product and competitor products.

For Sales:

  • Help take notes either personal mode or shared across sales and product organization
  • Help with deep understanding of the product. Also assists with competitor analysis.
  • Product team gets feedback and input on the roadmap.

For Support:

  • Documentation of feature right on the web pages of the product
  • Integration with other tools like increases productivity
  • Input to product organization on user and support pain points

Know a plugin like this?

[Idea] Youtube videos for kids about “How to learn and play new games?”

During holidays, I sat down with my 4 year old so that he can learn and play a new board game. We picked Scrabble.

I started to read the rules from the instructions sheet. He interrupted and said, “Why are we reading this paper? Just find a video on YouTube. We could watch it and understand how to play Scrabble”.


I searched YouTube but did not find a reasonably good video build for kids on how to learn and play games of any form like

  • Board games
  • Video games
  • Just good old fashioned cards/ dumb charades/ pictionary etc

We all know how platforms like YouTube have build stars and provided source of revenues to individuals. Ryan Toy Reviews is one good example and how he reported earned 11 million with his videos.

Similarly, could there be a YouTube channel where a set of kids publish two types of videos:

Type 1 : Educate

Pick all popular games and publish “How to play” videos. Since there are instructional videos, the length is restricted. May be 5-15 minutes depending on the game.

Type 2 : Entertain

In addition to the “educational” videos mentioned above, there is another type of video, which is to entertain. So, for the same game where there is educational video, there is also a long form “live playing of that game” video too. For e.g. Ticket to Ride board game normally takes may be 45 minutes to 60 minutes to finish. Record that entire play. Publish it. The audience (kids) when they want to see how the entire game unfolds and how the end result look it, they could watch this video. In this video more nuances, tricks, strategy are showcased not as a theory, but during real play between set of friends.

Anyone want to do this? I can guarantee you that I will be subscriber and will not skip the YouTube ad 🙂

[Idea] Feedback plugin for meetings

Meetings. It’s a big investment which every company makes. Do the companies know their ROI? Or how to measure?


How about a plugin

  • Records # of attendees in a meeting which tells the “cost” of the meeting
  • Gathers ratings and feedback (attendees can say if they were needed, if the agenda was clear etc)
  • Leaderboards it – and forces the meeting organizer to ensure that their meeting rating is above a threshold

Anyone working on it?

[Idea] Code and Infra Bot

Although for living I do Product management wudoo magic, but end up writing a lot of code.

As a developer and user of these cloud platforms, here’s my wishlist. Hope someone solves it. (or I might have to rollup my sleeve and do it 🙂 )

TL;DR: Even if infra availability and management has become easy, it’s still a lot of learning and work. It ends up taking my focus away from code.

  • None of the public cloud providers give a Dev, Test, Live environments. While everyone should know that a developer needs “atleast” one non-prod environment.
    • Why don’t you ask: “Hey, does this app require an additional non-live environment”? (look at, Stripe, – to name a new – they totally get the value of giving additional non-prod environment(s))
  • Why ask us to write so many YAML files? Programming languages have been abstracting the underlying machine level instructions, stacks like containers/ k8s have been abstracting the nitty – gritties of packaging and operations etc, so why not abstract how these abstractions work?
    • Just ask few questions:
      • Which cloud?
      • Looks like you are deploying Rails – do you care if your app goes to appengine or k8s?
        • If yes, ask which one – and generate appropriate app.yaml or docker files. If no, just do that stuff in background.
      • Do you need HA for your db? (another way to ask could be : Is this for Prod because I can give you HA for that)
        • Again, update appropriate config files in the code or wherever needed
      • Looks like you are deploying a container – Is this a background service or does it serve a web request?
        • Based on the response: Create appropriate deployment/ service yaml files
        • Yeah, if it’s a web container, you can ask more questions – ports etc.
    • If the YAML/ config needs to be upgraded in future, then this service should help upgrade.

Hope someone builds infrastructure management from the viewpoint of a developer.

Look around – we are building chatbots for sales, support, e-commerce and so many other domains – why can’t there be a bot for a developer or ops person?