My projects

Recruitring (active)

Recruitring is AI powered candidate pre-screening platform. It helps recruiters gather additional screening data to share with hiring teams. With this additional information, hiring managers have the ability to reduce their screening calls and save time

Cloudanix (active)

Websites, SCM, File uploads etc all need bunch of operational chops after go-live. For e.g. (our current focus) – websites – needs uptime check, speed check, OWASP Top 10, Blacklist monitoring etc – and Cloudanix gives all these popular “recipes” out of the box ready to be used.

Nurture.Team (active)

We all work in teams. Infact, multiple teams. Yet, there isn’t an authoritative, non-academic, byte size content on “How to build and run great teams”.

I am obsessed with having fun at work and be around great minds.  I also wanted to get better at my writing and speaking skills. So, started a podcast called Nurture.Team where I talk to a guest from various industry and walks of life and learn from them how to build and run great teams. (inactive)

Back in 2005, when we were just getting started on Web 2.0, I learned Ruby on Rails and built a hyper local content portal.

The idea was a user would create a profile with their company, city, state and country set.

And then they had templates to share links, buy/ sell, ask questions.

This content will be visible to other users ranked by their company, city, state and country – enabling localization.

Netcurate (inactive)

Amplify (inactive)

Outreach (inactive) (inactive)